About TSN Technologies

TSN Technologies is the core business venture of TSN Corporation. Since a decade, we have gained the market reputation on serving to the Nepalese

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Plant & Machines

Major Categories

Mineral Water / Soft Drinks/ Juicy & Beverage Industries

  • Pure Water Treatment / Ro Treatment Plant / DM Plant
  • Ro Treatment Plant for Kidney Dialysis as per AAMI Standard
  • Soft Drinks Development Plant
  • Juicy Development Plant
  • Beer and Distillery Plant
  • Instant Noodles Producing Plant

Mineral Water / Soft Drinks/ Juicy & Beverage Industries

  • Injection Molding Machine and Mold for PET Preform, Caps and Closures
  • Injection Molding Machine & Mold for any application for HDPE, LDPE & PP converting
  • Extrusion Blow Molding Plant for HDPE Bottles
  • Extrusion film Blow Molding Plant, Mono-layer, Double-layer
  • Axillaries Machinery
  • Fully Automatic & Semi-automatic Blow Molding Plant and Mold for PET Bottles

Mineral Water / Soft Drinks/ Juicy & Beverage Industries

  • Semi-Fully Automatic Filling, Washing, Capping and Labeling Plant for Beverage and Non-Beverage Production.
  • Semi-Fully Automatic Shrink Warping Packaging Machine.(No need the Duplex Box for Packaging, Packaged by LDPE film)
  • Labeling Machine

Mineral Water Plant/ Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)

  The processing flow adopted by a set of water treatment system depends on quality of water source. The selected flow basically includes three parts: Pretreatment system, Micro processing system and Terminal processing system. The Pretreatment system includes multi-media filter, active carbon filter, softener, iron-manganese removal filter, ultra-filter, micro-filter, etc. The micro processing system adopts membrane filtration and ion exchange method. The Terminal processing system involves in ozone/UV sterilization exchange method. The Terminal processing system involves in ozone/UV sterilization.
  • When low water in raw water tank or over pressures in products water, the machine is stopped automatically.
  • PH indicating system displayed in machine can maintain the required PH Level.
  • UV working indicating systems display in the machine (UV from Phillips, Holland).
  • Air circulation system in pre-filters.
  • Auto salt resignation systems in-built in machine for resin re-activated in softener plant.
  • Quality production consistency through the automatic operations of RO devices.
  • 5 grams Ozone system attached on plant.
  • Raw water quality test and products water quality test display in the screen through the conductive meter.
  • Valve is made by SS molding technology of butterfly systems.
  • Two sets of micron filters to ensure more quality water for Ro devices.
  • CIP system is also attached on the machine.
  • Manhole system is in the pre-filter to ensure the media working modules.
  • Molding workmanship of SS through Sate-of-art machinery plant.
High utility plant production processes applied on ISO, HCCP, CE, FDA, JFA, OCS, and WHO/GMP Certifications.
Basically, it is applied to produce pure water for Mineral Water industries as well as for food & beverage manufacture, water for beer diastatic fermentation, high pure water for electronic industry, water for injection and pharmaceutical industry.
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